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Woodsman Wisdom Self Development Course (Ledger 3)

Binder from Phase 1 is used for all courses. We will send the course materials upon your purchase.

The Woodsman School’s “Woodsman Wisdom Self Development Courses” were designed to accommodate our students who cannot make it to our hands on courses, for whatever the reason. These courses are put together so that each individual can adjust their training to their environment and better their wilderness skills.
Each Phase of these courses becomes more challenging as you go, and supplement each other as you learn and master skills along the way. These courses are self paced and do not have a time limit. We hope that you put forth the effort to get the most out of this training, as you will only be cheating yourself in the end, if you don’t give it your all. The more detailed research you do, the easier your life becomes in the end.

We provide a Woodsman School binder to keep all your work in order and protected so that you can reference it for the rest of your life. Again, the more detailed and accurate information you put in, the more detailed and accurate information you have at the end, and the more useful it will be to you then!

Ledger 1 is our basic starting point and encompasses a lot of research as well as a bit of hands on tasks that must be completed and turned in for credit, in order to pass the course. This Ledger takes you through all of the 6 basic survival needs, and forces you to understand the basics first. This Ledger pretty well follows our Woodsman Basic Survival hands on course, but being that you are doing it in a self paced manner and on your own, we have added a lot of research to make sure you are doing the work and understanding it as well. All of your work will be entered into your log book for future use and reference.

Ledger 2 follows most of the same concepts as Ledger 1 yet it requires a lot more hands on tasks to be completed, logged in your book, and turned in for credit. Ledger 2 covers a lot of primitive skills as well as resources being used off of the landscape.

Ledger 3 is our final self development course in the Woodsman Self Development Courses and pretty much rounds out what we at the Woodsman School believe are “Staple Skills” that you need to know. Here in this Ledger you will be doing things that promote “long term wilderness living”. It is not about survival in this course yet uses all you have learned to this point to be an Effective and Efficient Woodsman. So long for “roughing it”, you will be able to go out and live with the land after completing all of these Ledgers….assuming you have done all the work and didn’t short cut anything. Again we stress….what you put in, is what you get out!

Good luck on your journey of becoming a true Woodsman!

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